Coffee shops are unique little places where you can meet up with an old friend, go on a first date, read a great book, or even have an unexpected conversation. They promote community

and connection over a shared love of great coffee and beautiful spaces.

No matter where you go in the world, chances are you can find a coffee shop where you can tap into the heartbeat of the community, and feel that same level of warmth and welcome.

The Art of Bean was built to capture these special experiences it in our own

Jordan Campbell and Elizabeth Iverson - Founders - Art of Bean Coffee Co.

Founded in October 2021, Art of Bean Coffee Co. is an “off the beaten path” specialty coffee shop in the heart of Ottaw's East End.

With focus on high quality beverages and above average customer service, Art of Bean aims to extend the independent coffee scene beyond its current borders.

The eclectic feel, along with the beautiful local artwork from our partners at The Niche Ottawa Gallery, lend to the cozy atmosphere and intention as a community driven space.

With events, pop ups, and collaborations, The Art of Bean continues to grow to
reflect our community.


Jordan (he/him) & Elizabeth (she/her)
Founders - Art of Bean Coffee Co.