We are dedicated to making our space as accessible and welcoming as possible for all members of our community. We understand the importance of accessibility and are committed to ongoing improvements.

Parking and Entrance
Our parking lot includes two designated handicap parking spaces.
There is a graded path leading from the parking lot to the café entrance. However, please note that there is a sharp turn at our entrance with a limited clearance space, which may not be suitable for certain mobility aids.

Seating & Menu
We maintain a clear pathway through the center of our space, ensuring access to seating for everyone. Our menu is displayed in large font on a board behind the bar. Our café can become crowded and noisy, particularly on weekends.

Our gender-neutral, single stall restroom is located up a set of stairs.

The patio, available during the summer months, is accessible from the back of the building. Please be aware there is one step leading into the café from the patio through a garage door.
We are working to introduce a ramp for our Summer 2024 patio season.

We acknowledge the physical limitations of our space and work to make improvements within the constraints of our current location.

Commitment to Inclusivity

Art of Bean is committed to creating a safe and inclusive space for all members of our community. We have a zero-tolerance policy for any form of discrimination, harassment or intimidation. 

16-1439 Youville Drive
Orleans, ON